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Aromatherapy for Hair - Best Essential Oils For Hair

Using essential oils to handle your scalp and enhance the shine and condition of your hair is not a new idea: old Egyptians previously used sophisticated mixtures of oil and other ingredients as beauty therapies, and these days many beauty businesses have rediscovered the uses of aromatherapy for hair and involve essential oils on their solutions.

There are a lot of hair and scalp conditions that can be taken care of using essential oils for hair, from dry hair to hair loss, and you do not want to purchase costly beauty products. Rather, you can get essential oils yourself and present them on your beauty routine.

Using Aromatherapy for Hair

In order to use essential oils on your hair without making it look oily it’s essential to keep in mind to no misuse them. There are several ways to implement aromatherapy oil on your hair, based upon on the meant effect. On the other hand, it is significant to keep in mind that you should never apply the oils straight and undiluted to your scalp or hair, as they are ingredients with lots of effective principles and could trigger irritation or even an allergic reaction. Your scalp is one of the spots of the body with much more pores, and as such elements used to it are quickly absorbed into the blood stream, so you should often do a spot test before using any essential oil to be able to ensure your safety.

One of the best methods to appreciate essential oil hair therapies is to blend a few drops of your preferred essential oils with an ounce of olive oil or jojoba carrier oil, and rubbing it into the scalp. You may want to cover it with a towel and let it work overnight, and wash it out in the morning. To make sure all oil is taken out and your hair doesn't feel oily, apply shampoo your hair twice and rinse well with Luke-warm water.

For a faster way of integrating essential oils in your hair care schedule, just mix a few drops with your usual conditioner, and use it as regular. Your hair will feel wonderful, and will also smell charming!

You can also use essential oils to give shine to hair and control flyaway by warming up a few drops of a carrier oil and essential oil blend and implementing it through your mid-lengths and ends. Nevertheless, ensure that to only use occasionally or it can weight down your locks.

Essential Oils for Regular Hair

Regular hair is just that, hair that is not greasy or dry, is in good condition and just requires a bit of love to shine to its full prospective. If your hair has no apparent issues, the subsequent aromatherapy oils will help bring shine and enhance the hair fibres without weighting it down. Blend them with carrier oils such as almond oil, borage or jojoba oils.

  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Geranium Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Clary Sage Essential Oil
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • Thyme Essential Oil

Aromatherapy Oils for Dry Hair

Dry hair feels fragile and tangles quickly, which boosts the breakage. If you lighten your hair, heat style or color it frequently hair may feel a bit like hay and have issues maintaining enough moisture, which makes it frizzy and challenging to style. Essential oils can offer moisture to the hair, and inspire the scalp’s sweat glands to generate more oils. Blend a few drops of the following oils with carrier oils with moisturising qualities, such as jojoba, avocado or virgin olive oil.

  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Geranium Essential Oil
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil

Best Oils for Oily Hair

Oily hair has the reverse problem to dry hair: the sweat glands on the scalp generate excess sebum, which leads to the hair to feel and look greasy and weighted down.

  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • eppermint Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Cypress Essential Oil

Essential Oils for Dandruff

Are those flakes on your hair denting your self esteem? Aromatherapy can be use to cure dandruff, by re-balancing the scalp and minimizing the growth of microorganisms and fungus that are frequently the primary cause of dandruff. To cure dandruff, blend jojoba carrier oil with a mixture of Tea Tree essential oil and any of the following oils:

  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Cypress Essential Oil
  • Thyme Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • Basil Essential Oil
  • Sage Essential Oil

Aromatherapy For Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a big issue for both men and woman. If you want to take pleasure in thicker hair, use a blend of grapeseed carrier oil and the next essential oils for hair loss:

  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Cedarwood essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil 
  • Thyme essential oil

When using aromatherapy for hair with the preferred best essential oils for hair you should focus on rubbing the oils into the scalp, as the objective is to enhance the micro-circulatory system that nourishes the hair follicles. Do this consistently, and you will see your hair develop thicker and stronger.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Facts

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Facts - Aroma Max

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Relation

Aromatherapy is the concept of using essential oils for healing body, mind and spirit. One of the most historical techniques of aromatherapy was to burn aromatic limbs and breathe in the smoke.

Essential oils, also known as unpredictable oils are distilled or pressed from plants. Their scent gets to the nose and is taken into the air we inhale and gradually goes into into our bloodstream.

Humans are said to have an approximated several million cells for finding scents. Common sense says,  The nose is the entrance to the brain.  Our sense of odor is our most basic sense and what we smell can impact health and awareness. Women frequently choose floral smells that stimulate pleasant memories: gardenia, rose and jasmine. Men are frequently most sensitive to woodsy, citrus, and cooking smells such as cinnamon and ginger.

Essential oils push away predator bugs and entice valuable pollinators. Essential oils do not have pollens, but in some situations can lead to allergenic or sneezing side effects in some sensitive people. Scent travels along a neurological route, bypassing the blood brain hurdle. When essential oils are smelled they can activate neurotransmitter generation. And have the potential to tranquil fear, stress, tension and sleeplessness. Essential oils destroy germs, bacteria, fungi and germs but not pleasant intestinal flora. Bacteria do not show up to grow tolerant to them essential oils. Some essential oils have phytosterols, ingredients that are similar to hormones. Essential oils are liposoluble enabling for quick intake by the skin.

Be sure you are using pure essential plant oils and not artificial scents. Artificial fragrances are frequently allergenic and while you might not be able to tell the variance, your body will. Quality is crucial. Be suspect of clear bottles and businesses where each essential oil is the same cost, as these are most probably perfumes, and not actually natural or healing.

Essential oils are valuable and use many sources to be generated. Use them smartly and with admiration. Keep them away from the reach of children and out of light and heat. Some oils can blemish clothing and ruin the finish on furniture.

It is best to smell essential oils in a well-vented area, as headaches and nausea can result from too much subjection. Keep essential oils away from mucous membranes for instance the eyes, mouth and genital area as well as broken skin. Chill citrus oils as they have a life expectancy of only about a year. Essential oils of angelica, citrus petit-grain, and Saint John’s wort can cause photo-sensitivity and raise the risk of sunburn from even mild sun exposure. Do not consume essential oils unless correctly trained in how to properly use them in such a way. They are very strong and if overdone internally can be very harmful.

Most essential oils are too powerful to use alone. They needs to be diluted in carrier oil. Look for excellent quality, cold pressed oils, like almond, grape seed, and apricot kernel oil since they are light and don’t have a powerful smell, lending them well for mixing. Essential oils can also be diluted in warm water. Lavender and tea tree oils are between the few oils that can be applied undiluted, being outstanding for burns, insect gnaws, and cuts.

Be sure to use a various pipette when measuring out essential oils. Soaking the same hollow tube into various bottles can lead to cross contamination.

Categorized Essential Oils

  • Geranium is an associate of the Geraniaceae Family. It relaxes anxiety, minimizes stress, enhances fatigue, and promotes sensuality. Geranium is anti-depressant, anti-septic, aphrodisiac, cell re-generator, and hormonal balancer for men and women.
  • Lavender is an associate of the Lamiaceae Family. Lavender is an anti-depressant, de-congesting to the breathing system and anti-septic. It is one of the most functional of the essential oils. It can be used directly to avoid bug bites.
  • Peppermint is an associate of the Lamiaceae Family. It is anti-septic, slightly stimulating, and anti-depressant. When applied diluted on the skin, it has an effect that cools and warms simultaneously.
  • Rosemary is also an associate of the Lamiaceae Family. Rosemary is integrated in massage oils to chill out muscles and in hair formulas to activate hair growth. Rosemary is anti-septic, and has long been inhaled to enhance memory.
  • Tea Tree Oil is anti-fungal, anti-septic, and anti-viral. It is applied topically on acne, and bites. 

It is incorporated in soaps, shampoos for dandruff, deodorants and mouth wash. It is also efficient against head lice and hair combs; brushes can be saturated in a remedy of one-pint alcohol with three drops of tea tree oil to help delouse hair care tools. For nail fungus, the impacted area is soaked in undiluted tea tree oil two times day-to-day.

Aromatherapy does not have to be complex. It can be as easy as smelling the flowers.

Best ideas of what to do with essential oils:

  • Baths: Add two to eight drops to a hot bath following filling.
  • Compress: Dip a cloth in a clean basin of hot or cold water to which five drops of essential oil have been included.
  • Facial spray: Add one teaspoon of vodka to 1/4 teaspoon essential oil and four ounces of distilled water in a clean spray container. Shake and spray the face with eyes and mouth shut.
  • Foot bath: Put five to ten drops of essential oil to two gallons really warm water.
  • Steam Inhalations: Place five drops of essential oil in a pot of just boiled water. Put a towel over head and pot of water and inhale the steamy aroma to clear blockage.
  • Massage Oil: To one ounce of your preferred carrier add fifteen drops total of essential oil.
  • Mouth Wash: Add one or two drops of essential oil to 1/4-cup water. Use to sleek in the mouth prior to spitting out.
  • Shower: Eight drops optimum of oil can be included to a washcloth and used to wash the body. In 4 ounces baking soda and 1 ounce sea salt at 15 drops essential oil.

Aromatherapy Tips For Travelers

Aromatherapy Tips For Travelers - Aroma Max

Best Aromatherapy Tips For Travelers

Here are some Aromatherapy tips for travelers to keep their bodies comfortable, your mind sharp and your spirits uplifted throughout your travels using pure essential oils from plants

Traveling, while generally pleasant, does have its instances of unpleasantness. Essential oils can be an awesome way to replenish your body and mind. Here are some aromatherapy tips for making travel more exciting:

If you're travelling around time zones, you may experience some jet lag, no matter if it's sleeplessness or exhaustion based upon on the time of day. Here are tips for handling jet lag using essential oils.
Travel candles are an outstanding way to make a hotel room feel more pleasant and private, and they're light and don't take up valuable space in your luggage.

The re-circulated air on aircraft is drying: delicate skin gains from a touch of rose hydrosol after a journey.
5ml and 15ml aroma combinations are tiny enough to place in the plastic bag of liquids and gels in your carry-on bags. Right before boarding, put a sprinkle of Willow Essential Oil Blend on your wrists to rest you and make for a more gratifying flight. If your seat associate is a unknown person, you should consult them prior to using any essential oils during the flight, in case you induce an allergy or sensitivity.

Beneficial Essential Oils for Travelers:

  • Eucalyptus Radiata: anti-septic, anti-bacterial, excellent to open the sinuses and to aid you inhale better
  • Lavender: calming, anti-septic, rejuvenating, wonderful for burns and cuts
  • Lemon: relaxing, impressive, revives your heart
  • Tea Tree: will help us hold bugs under control
  • Peppermint: wonderful for jet lag, movement sickness, undesirable breath, headaches

Aromatherapy Recipes to Help Travelers!

These recipes give tips for typical travel concerns such as Travel Aromatherapy. Considering that the essential oils are used topically or inhaled, they work properly with the body, making them perfect for self-care when out of town.

Subjection to extra sunshine presents a regular threat.

Aromatherapy works successfully in more than one way. The following therapies for sunburn involve topical application and a calming bath.

Lavender Sunburn Treatments

For a small burnt area, use the oil tidy and do it again as necessary. Use a fresh gauze pad, or silky smooth fabric. Lavender is outstanding for dealing with all kinds of burns.

Natural Solutions for Insect Difficulties

Flying and biting insects frequently affect an usually pleasant outing. Try the repellant initially, and the lavender therapy afterward, if required.

Insect Repellant

10 drops of geranium oil
10 drops of eucalyptus oil
4 fl oz (100 ml) of a carrier oil (grapeseed, almond, etc.)
Apply onto the spots most likely to be bitten. You can also burn the oils neat in your bedroom at night, if allowed, to prevent biting insects.

Therapy for bites and stings

Rub neat lavender oil into areas impacted by bites or sings. Re-apply every few minutes till the pain or irritation stops.

Additional Travel Treatments

For small cuts, apply neat lavender or tea tree oil to the cut. These are both antiseptic and don't sting.

If dry or cracked lips are the problem, here's an efficient treatment:
Liquid Love for Lips
2 oz. (50 ml) apricot kernel oil
2 oz. (50 ml) avocado oil
6 drops sandalwood oil
6 drops of rose oil
Apply into the lips, duplicating regularly as needed.

If throwing up becomes a concern, try the subsequent:
4 drops of lemon oil
4 drops of fennel
4 drops of peppermint
4 oz. (100 ml) of a carrier oil
Massage into the stomach and solar plexus as required.

Lastly, diarrhea destroys many a trip abroad. Two techniques of delivery may be used for the following recipe:
Anti-run Serum
6 drops of lavender
3 drops of neroli
3 drops of lavender oil
4 oz. (100 ml) carrier oil
Rub very carefully into lower abdomen and solar plexus areas, or try putting to a bath to simplicity stomach cramps.

Healthy Living tips for Smart Travelers

Optimize your good results by keeping the essential oils properly: tight-fitting tops, dark glass containers, room temp. It's also a great idea to do a spot test for skin reaction prior to you count on using a specific holistic solution. Rub a little of the blend into your skin, inner arm, or ear if you won't want others to see, wait 24 hours for any irritation, staining or reaction.

Use these traveling aromatherapy tips and have a good trip.

Aromatherapy For Men

Aromatherapy For Men - Aroma Max

Is Aromatherapy for Men Too?

When we believe of aromatherapy, it appears to be something that would appeal generally to women, but Aromatherapy is as beneficial to men as women.

As we are all conscious that Aromatherapy is nothing new to society. Nevertheless it is improbable that you will discover the word man and aromatherapy in the same phrase. In reality if you ask most men what they know of Aromatherapy for men you would get an unfilled stare in return as they draw an empty in the mental directory. The fact of the issue is Aromatherapy for men will gain in today's society. The types of tension a man encounters today are distinct compared to old days. Not to say that the amount of tension is not identical and has many types. I guess it can be summarized that today's pressure is a challenge of the mind. When you think of how Aromatherapy would modify someone's life and reflect on three significant benefits that occurred in our lives.

The number one benefit that we would see happen in our lives is the ability to cope with the stress in current life. Experiment with Basil Oil for  depression. It's difficult to explain the qualities of Basil Oil without smelling them in person. It is essential to observe that you should never use the amazing selection of basil it could probably be a source of cancer. Nevertheless Basil oil is awesome at giving another breeze at the end of the day. You will have more quality time with my kids and curiously am able to release the stress you get during the day. Your focus will be sharper so you can think definitely about beneficial elements in your life and bring yourself to a place that is enjoyable.

When considering Aromatherapy for men think about what it can do for us when we are ill. Let's face the facts that most men turn to kittens when a cold hits. Believe it or not Aromatherapy can get you back to the testosterone injected beefcake you once considered yourself to be. During a cold or flu Eucalyptus oil and mint combo provides a knockout in cleaning the nasal passages. Give it a try the next time you are feeling ill. Also another awesome essential oil is Yarrow oil it can eliminate most cold and flu signs. Certainly again this is dealing with the symptoms and not the cause but again it should be sufficient to get yourself beneficial enough to fight back emotionally.

Aromatherapy for men is also essential in the area of skin burns. Men are vulnerable to skin burns. An awful header burn on the leg can be a true bummer for the weekend. Skin burns are no bueno and as formerly described lavender oil is a wonderful way to get some comfort. You may also want to consider Bergamot for cold sores mixed with Eucalyptus oil offers amazing comfort.

Aromatherapy for men in the long term will more than likely be more popular than it is now. I know from individual experience that it has had a remarkable impact on my relationship at home after a nerve-racking day. I get stressed with sickness and less agony and if by chance when I'm out enjoying I should get some sort of skin damage well I'm protected there as well. Aromatherapy for men in all has a lot of uses. Just keep in mind it's making your life simpler if you are having trouble going through the misconception. You are experiencing some challenges with aromatherapy and in turn you will require to become advised with the methods involved in generating the results you are looking for. I

Aromatherapy for Men compared to Women

Though aromatherapy advantages can be made by both, men and women, yet many men steer clear from the principle.

They have a wrong notion that aromatherapy is a healing process meant especially for women. On the other hand, the principle of aromatherapy is fast getting hold in man’s world too.

Aromatherapy impacts men and women in a different way. The impact of a specific essential oil might be unique for men from women and even between two men.

It is due to variation in sensory stimulation of brain by a fragrance. For instance, a woman might find an aroma satisfying while a man might get rid of it for some motive of his own.

Despite the fact that females have a more significant number of scent receptors when compared to men, the valuable effects of aromatherapy can be appreciated by men too; the only thing to keep in mind is that man’s demands vary from that of women and their options too.

For improving the emotional and bodily health of men, the fragrances used should offer for their particular needs and must be of their preference.

According to the analysis, age also an aspect on which smells man's likes. For older men, they have a tendency to response highly to vanilla than younger men.

Essential Oils for Men

In contrast to women, men do not typically enjoy flowery and fruity smells for on their own. No men would choose to smell like a flower. They like powerful and masculine scents.

The essential oils can be applied by men in room diffusers, aromatherapy inhalers, massage, bath-water, lotions and creams.

The scents highly preferred by most men are Patchouli, Sandalwood, Bay, Oak moss, Ginger, Black pepper, Vetiver and Citrus oils. One may not think vanilla as a manly fragrance, but some men do have much preference for it.

Essential oils To Spark Men sex life:

Agarwood Oil:

Is an essential oil recognized to be most effective herbal aphrodisiac. It has an impressed, sedative and sensual impact on the nervous system. It can be employed in diffusers and retained in bedrooms or it can be used in a massage.

Jasmine oil:

Is an additional aphrodisiac for men. It improves the energy level and elates the mood environment it right. It also aids in dealing with sexual problems such as impotence and frigidity.

Cedarwood Oil:

Has a strong outdoors fragrance which many men appreciate a lot. It decreases everyday stress and regenerates them. It can be used in massage for experiencing its healing effect through inhalation together with consumption through skin.

Lavender Oil:

Despite the fact that having a floral aroma, is preferred by many men due to its soothing effects. It can be used in bath water or massage or can be employed in candles. It also aids in minimizing stress and anxiety. It gives a wonderful blend when mixed with other masculine fragrances.

Rosemary Oil:

Though appears to be feminine but it has a powerful woody smell which most men enjoy and it can be used in massage for its additional benefits.

"Aromatherapy for men "
Stimulate more powerful sexual feeling.

Even though aromatherapy offers numerous benefits to men and is a natural way of keeping mental and physical health. But one should keep in mind not to use essential oils without diluting as these are very concentrated and can irritate skin.

Aromatherapy for men, it isn't about sexual captivating or induce your love mood but it can get to further than that.

How do essential oils work?

How To Use Essential Oils

Essential Oil Use - How do essential oils work?

How essential oil works is a natural concern as individuals speculate how it is that a simple-being aromatic substance can have so many strong effects.  Essential oils are regularly described as the life power of plants. Compared with fatty oils, these essential oils are unpredictable, extremely concentrated, vapor distilled substances produced from flowers, and leaves.

When effectively used, their effective healing qualities help relieve physical and emotional illnesses. Aromatherapy, the science of scent, offers a direct entrance into the mood senses of the brain. Furthermore, it does so without bad side effects.

Essential Oils Tiny Compounds

The area to begin to deal with how essential oils work is by thinking about their chemistry. Essential oils are composed of very small molecules. Much smaller than the molecules discovered in fatty oils like peanut or olive oil.

The tiny molecules that makeup essential oils enable them in a number of ways:

  • It makes them good smelling, as tiny molecules are able to rapidly vaporize and confidently influence the body through the nose and lungs.
  • It allows them to easily penetrate tissues and cell walls, such as the blood-brain barrier, which gives the power to get to areas of the body like nothing else.
  • It provides oils to be trans-dermal, which means that they can go through the skin and get to any part of the body in minutes.

Essential Oil Plant Strength

It also requires to be kept in mind that the qualities of essential oils, so essential to their indigenous plants, are very helpful to humans as well.

A good illustration of this has to do with mold and fungi. As essential oils enhance the immune systems of plants against the constant threat of mold as well as fungi, they do the same for humans. This is why essential oils can be so powerful against health complications relevant to these robust organisms.

In addition to shielding from molds and fungi, as well as viruses and bacteria, essential oils also work to aid numerous bodily systems such as the endocrine, circulatory, digestive, nervous, and reproductive system.

Essential Oils - The Best Antioxidants

A little recognized secret about essential oils is that they are the world's most highly effective antioxidants.

You've most likely heard about antioxidants and how they purify the body of free radicals which can help slow the aging process and avert cancer.

Essential Oils High Frequency

Another way essential oils perform is through their high frequency.  Lately, scientists have been discovering more about the connection between the frequency of the body and the quality of one's health.

When the body is in bad health, due to cold or cancer, the body gets a lower frequency. With greater health, the frequency is higher.

Research show that the human body's frequency can be badly impacted by particular foods, and positively impacted by activities like prayer, and the use of essential oils.
Take into account, that in talking about the various ways how essential oils work, it's believed that only quality, healing oils are being used.

"How do essential oils work?"
Now you know a tad of the solution.

Essential Oils Routes Into the Body

Olfaction or Inhalation: 

Regarded the fastest method; air holds the molecules through our nostrils, transferred the olfactory nerves, and delivers a message to our main nervous systems via the limbic method, the seat of ouu moods and emotions.


Essential oil molecules are incredibly tiny and for that reason able to go through the skin through the hair follicles, pores and sweat glands. They can get to the tiny blood capillary vessels and lymph, from where they are carried around the body by the blood circulation system. The fastest consumption rate is through the feet.


All pure essential oils needs to be diluted prior to use.

How to Apply Essential Oils

You can apply essential oil with these guidelines:
1- Baths: Bath, hand and foot bath, salts
2- Topical Application: Creams, skin gels, skin care, massage therapy, compress
3- Diffusion:  Sonic Diffusers, Ultra Sonic Diffusers, Smell Lamps, and handkerchief, tissue
4- Beauty Care:  hair shampoo, conditioner, lotion produts, mask

When essential oils are used in small amounts, in compliance to the above guidelines, they will not cause any issues or lead to harm. If skin irritations happen, just discontinue use.

Storing and Caring for Essential Oils

  • Retain essential oils in a dim place away from direct sunlight or any immediate source of heat increase the shelf life by preserving them in the fridge
  • Stay away from touching the essential oils dropper to the skin, as this can trigger a build-up of bacteria, resulting in the oil to become less effective as well as causing its fragrance to change
  • Some essential oils will improve with time, like most of the resinous oils and Patchouli and Sandalwood.
  • Citrus oils or essences are the first to get rid of their efficiency ? if exposed frequently they can lose their efficiency in 5-12 months.
  • Essential oils and essences do not go bad like veggie oils; they just drop their efficiency and can smell off.

Sleep Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy Tips To Help You Sleep

Aromatherapy Tips To Help You Sleep - Aroma Max

4 Aromatherapy Tips To Help You Sleep

Aromatherapy tips to help you sleep better if sleeplessness is a problem for you. Since not having enough sleep makes it more complicated to execute your everyday activities, either mental and physical. It also deteriorates your immune system. There are many excellent tips and reports for enhancing sleep patterns, but often it's not sufficient and individuals need a little extra help. Sleep Aromatherapy, using specific essential oils can give you a little extra aid getting to sleep normally without chemical drugs.

Make a Relaxing, Aromatherapy Sleep Habit

To make the best use of aromatherapy techniques, create a personalized, stress-reducing relaxation habit for yourself in the 1-2 hours leading up to bed time.  create the next routine and now sleeps with ease and even look forward to going to bed. Starts by taking a soothing aromatherapy bath or shower, lighting a candle or run your aromatherapy diffuser in the bathroom while you bathe. When you leave,  write down your concerns in a diary and let your mind rest understanding that you can deal with them in the morning. You then spray a warmed shoulder wrap with lavender aroma mist then read until you fall asleep.

Essential Oils that Enable You Sleep

Lavender oil, chamomile oil, ylang-ylang oil, marjoram oil, and clary-sage oil all contain sleep-including benefits. They can be used on their own or you can blend these essential oils to develop your own sleep-inducing essential oil combination.

Sleep with Chamomile and Ylang-Ylang is a traditional mix created to help you to rest and get to sleep quicker and enables for a much deeper, more relaxing sleep. Chamomile was integrated in this blend because it has been used for hundreds of years in teas as a gentle, soothing sleep aid, therapy for fevers, colds, stomach conditions, and as an anti-inflammatory. Ylang-Ylang brings up calmness and can melt away stress, pressure and worry.

Night Time with Chamomile and Lavender essential oils, is a new blend intended to help you keep the day behind and let your problems melt away and support you rest and sleep. Along with the advantages of Chamomile, Lavender is applied in this combination and is the most multipurpose essential oil and has been used for decades from comforting and soothing the mind. Night Time is great to diffuse when you're reading through a book before bed or getting ready to jump between the sheets.

Rest with Lavender and Rosewood Essential oils, is also new and can help alleviate pressure so you can relax and get ready yourself for sleep. This combination can also be used during the day when you just want to relax and chill out.

4 Techniques to Use Aromatherapy to Help You Sleep

1- Aromatherapy Diffusers. 

Add 5-8 drops of your selected essential oils or our Sleep essential oil mix to some water in an ultrasonic diffuser and switch it on when you go to bed. It will cleanse and pass through the air in your bedroom with your preferred oils. Make sure to use one that turns off automatically. Do not use a candle diffuser. Candles should never be left unwatched.

2- Essential Oil Mists. 

Add 40 drops of essential oils to an odorless mist. You can also Lavender Aroma Mist or Sleep Aroma Mist. Gently spray the mist on bed linens ahead of getting into bed to go to sleep.

3- Roll-On Remedy. 

Add 20 drops to an odorless roll-on or try Sleep Aromatherapy Roll-On. Use to wrists and neck before going to sleep.

4- Soothing Aromatherapy Bath or Shower. 

Add 10-20 drops of essential oils to 30ml of odorless bath oil or odorless wash & bubble bath. Bring a nice, warm bath including the mix to your water. Ensure that the water is not too hot or cold or otherwise it may induce you rather than relax you. On the other hand, you can use wash and  bubble as a body wash in the shower or experiment with the new Rest Therapeutic salts or the Night Time bath oil.

We are sure that when you use these aromatherapy tips to help you sleep,you will get a good night sleep and you will have a better morning too.

8 Amazing Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits - Aroma MAx

8 Amazing Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has a lengthy history, one of the first documented breakthroughs happened in France by a French Chemist known as, Rene Gattefosse in the early 1900s. He was working in his laboratory and unintentionally burnt his hand, so he delved his hand into a nearby jar of Lavender Essential Oil and was surprised that he encountered instant pain relief. He swiftly realized that lavender could be used for all types of healing benefit for the body and mind! Here are simply a few benefits of this multipurpose oil.

Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil:

1. Stress

In accordance with a study from released by the National Institute for Environmental Studies in  Japan, lavender has a substance called linalool, which is beneficial when treating stress and anxiety.

2. Healing Wounds

As we described above, Lavender is excellent for the treatment of cuts, bruises, burns and scraps, due to the fact it quarrels infection and has anti-septic properties. Don't forget to dilute in carrier oil such as Jojoba or Grape-seed Oil and use to the affected area.

3. Preserving Healthy Skin

Lavender oil is also awesome for acquiring healthy skin. When used topically, lavender oil assists alleviate skin irritations and clear acne. Consider adding Lavender Hydrosol for to your skincare schedule, in place of a toner.

4. Sleeplessness

Lavender is well-known for aiding to ease tension and get rid of stress, putting you in an excellent state for sleep and rest.

5. Massage Oil

Lavender oil can be used as a massage oil to loosen up muscles and reduce tension. Lavender oil, loaded with esters, ingredients that help avoid muscle cramps. Mix 20-30 drops in any odorless massage oil base such as Jojoba oil or Almond Oil.

6. Mood Improvement

Esters in lavender oil also assist manage mood, making it helpful for alleviating anxiety, stress, and depressive disorders.

7. Alleviates Headache and Migraines

Lavender Essential Oil has been recognized to reduce the pain of headaches and migraines because it serves as a natural pain killer. Apply 1-2 drops of lavender on your temples, rear of neck and other point of pain.

8. Helps prevent Hair Loss

Lavender oil is regarded to attract blood to the scalp, enhancing circulation, helping in growth.

You can Find many uses for Lavender Essential Oil that there are too a lot of to count! Make Lavender part of your everyday aromatherapy routine.